free doorstep delivery services. Online medicine has solved the issue of tracking down a medical store, driving down to it, waiting for the chemist to give you the medicines. Now it’s time you save each valuable moment and get medications conveyed right at your doorstep!

We at Imax home care guarantee you every minute of every day nonstop services alongside top off updates. Our website is a one-stop answer for all your medical store needs. With Imax home care , order and pay for your prescribed medicine and get at your doorstep.


Medicine delivery in Jaipur

How Imax home medicine delivery in Jaipur would benefit patients?
Saves Customers Time and Money
Our Website will eliminate several steps that are involved in a patient’s journey. It will save your time and cost of traveling to a medical store and save your time from waiting hours in the processing of the prescription. Sometimes it may happen that if the medicine is not available, patients/ caretakers either have to repeat the whole journey of finding another medical store or wait till the medicines are refilled in stock.

Imax home care is designed to save the patients /caretakers from this hassle and provide medicine delivery in Jaipur at your doorstep.

Diminished Burden of Repeated Pharmacy Visits with Refill Reminders
Now you can order anytime without the worry of forgetting to bring the medicines later on. So it reduces the burden of going out of supply.

Comparative Visibility into the Cost of Medicine
The visibility of cost stands out to be a valuable feature for everyone, as now you can get more benefits and discounts and doorstep delivery of healthcare products.


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