Imaxhomecare gives complete clinical oncology services.It is given by a gathering of 6 experts presently reached out to 11 Specialist of hematology, clinical oncology, pediatric hemato-oncology and hematopathology. A wide assortment of disease types are addressed by this topographically different patient populace. Obligations to this help incorporate observing and enhancement of pharmacotherapy, pharmacotherapy training, and working with adherence to laid out treatment rules. Administrations incorporate


Imaxhomecare cardiologists are profoundly prepared and have numerous long stretches of involvement treating coronary illness. Our primary care physicians were taught at the country’s top clinical foundations and remain specialists in their field. We highly esteem applying the most recent advances in cardiovascular medication to analyze, treat, and deal with the full scope of heart conditions including coronary episodes, arrhythmias, cardiovascular breakdown and primary coronary illness.

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Imaxhomecare gives projects to Stroke recovery, Alzheimer’s restoration, Dementia restoration, Parkinson’s and other neurological problems at its private Neuro recovery office in Jaipur

We offer talented nursing, customized physiotherapy programs, diet checking, and psycho-social guiding through a multidisciplinary group at both the neuro care focuses.


Imaxhomecare gives both specialty orthopaedic care and non-orthopaedic care all through all of Delaware. We do as such with worldclass, attendant level help. Our muscular advisors and attendants are who work intimately with your muscular specialist to give the most significant level of care accessible… directly in the solace of your home.


Predominant clinical results, very high tolerant fulfillment scores, and decreased patient nervousness are the advantages of picking Imaxhomecare.

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Chronic Kidney Disease: where patients need Dialysis up to two times or threefold every week. It turns out to be undeniably challenging to habitually ship the patients to the emergency clinic alongside important time that must be spent by the mates of the patient.

Imaxhomecare clinic at home” set up a total medical care unit at the patient’s home with all super current hardware viz.


Fowler/Semifowler Bed

Beat oximeter


MultiPara screen


Implantation siphon



Imaxhomecare is a finished wellbeing center with the most cutting-edge treatment modalities. We give Modern Rehabilitation offices Access to Hydrotherapy and Onsite Gymnasium.

Our point is to give you the best quality in quality Health Care. Whenever you make an arrangement our exceptionally qualified and certify group will invest in some opportunity to address your particular physical issue needs.

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